Wednesday, September 01, 2010

British New Testament Conference

Sadly, due to prior work commitments I cannot go to the BNTC tomorrow, so I wish those of you who are going a great time.

*Weeps but stiffens lip in the nick of time*

Richard Bauckham will present a paper entitled "The 'individualism' of the Gospel of John". But ... I won't be there


Oh well, I'll try to be thankful for my lot and remember some good things: that the world is still filled with pretty clouds, smiling children and fluffy bunny rabbits, an attitude which however reminds me of a Blackadder line:

Melchett: So you see, young Blackadder didn't die horribly in vain after all.
George: If he did die, Sir.
Melchett: That's the spirit, George. If nothing else works, then a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through.


At 10/11/2010 9:24 PM, Blogger Graham Hunter said...

I heard Bauckham give the same lecture earlier this year... I'd happily try to summarise it over a coffee sometime soon... What do you think? Graham (Hunter)


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