Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Link of the day

Odd what you stumble on when YouTube surfing. I recently came across a video that reminded me of a rather curious blog-altercation with a film producer whose thesis I subtly challenged in an earlier series of posts. He demanded I take down pictures I copied from his webpage, and got huffy at my jibes. I obliged about the pictures but stated his theology was abunchofcrap-ology – you know how such exchanges go.

This new video-maker claims that his pro-cannabis bible essay does not presume his religiosity. Indeed, he writes with eminent clarity: 'Make it known that I am in NO way religious, Christianity or Rastafarianism'. Fair enough.

It was the next sentence that amused me. For the question everyone really wants to have answered is probably not whether he is religious but whether he is personally a 'user'? (or is that just me?) You see, I want to know whether there is an agenda here: Does he himself skinny dip in enough Cannabis to make even Welsh town names pronounceable?

And just at this point, not entirely surprisingly, a little ambiguity creeps in to his language:

'[N]or do I particularly partake in the consumption of cannabis'.

I suppose the added 'particularly' functions as 'necessarily', i.e. 'it is not the necessary corollary of this video that I am a user'.

In other words, the 'particularly' would probably be best understood to be of the 'give me another drag before I punch your sister' variety.

But this is all an aside as the director adds: 'This is an educational video'.

So go and be educated by a bizarre barrage of no-doubt well meant but nevertheless largely sloppy, anachronistic and out of context proof-texting:


At 8/12/2010 3:04 AM, Anonymous Kenny said...

Perhaps the 'particularly' can be read more literally: it's not cannabis in particular he partakes of the consumption of. Perhaps it's heroin instead.


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