Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Masters 2010 ... and other stuff

21:50 Lee Westwood has just lost his lead ....

C'MON Westwood!

21:53 I'm a little concerned about Tiger's charge. It is nothing personal - I just want others to win.

21:55 Fred Couples is amazing. I never could understand his swing. I managed to copy many other pro swings, like Faldo's, Lyle, Daly, etc., but Couples' evaded my grasp.

22:00 Poor Couples' putting is letting him down. And Westwood. Oh flip.

While I'm commenting on the golf, I just finished Jend Adam's Paulus und die Versöhnung aller: Eine Studie zum paulinischen Heilsuniversalismus. I liked some of his observations on Romans, and how pro-Universalism texts of parts of Romans 5 and 11 are more central to the letter than I would have previously thought. But I tend to think he is rather one sided in his presentation. I.e. I don't think he really appreciates the force of texts in Paul which speak against his position (i.e. a christological universalism)

22:15 OK, also not golf related, but is this one to watch, I wonder?

The Infidel

22:22 Doesn't look good on the Westwood front. Hit a good one on the 12th, Lee.

22:25 Anthony Kim is coming out of the blue ....!

22:26 Woods skied(!) his drive on the 13th (and blasphemed), and Westwood puts his tee shot on the green. Life is good.

22:31 I hae seen some of the best golf of my life in this tournament. Phil Mickelson has just made a birdie at 12th

22:33 Kim gets ANOTHER Birdie!!

22:38 Woods get a birdie on the hole after all. A man who plays well under pressure - no, excels under pressure.

22:42 Mickelson's approach on the 13th is simply brilliant. Amazing shot under pressure.

22:45 Ian Poulter's trousers .... my oh my. Shoot me before I put them on.

22:50 Westwood holes a great put on the 13th, Mickelson misses his eagle chance. Great fun.

22:53 Woods misses a tiny put ... and then misses the tap in. Ooooo, that must hurt.

23:01. OK, Mickelson is going to win this, lets be frank. Actually, I'm cool with that. But C'MON Westwood.

23:05 Woods eagles. Anthony Kim holes to get 65. 65!

23:59 Yep, Mickelson won. He deserved it. Woods came across like an arse in his final interview. Mate, you are good at something - at hitting balls around fields with sticks. Remember that.


At 4/13/2010 8:21 PM, Anonymous shane Clifton said...

yes, woods needs to learn to lose. Anyway, I normally don't barrack for any American sportsman, but there was something special about Mickelson winning with his wife (who has breast cancer) present. Did their hug at the end make you cry? I must be getting soft in my dotage.

At 4/16/2010 6:06 AM, Blogger Sean said...

Hey Chris, just wondering if Jend Adam's, or anyone else you're reading on this, discusses Paul's universalism as a reference to the Jew/Gentile discussion (thus ecclesiological), rather than referring to salvation.

At 4/22/2010 1:22 PM, Blogger Chris Tilling said...

Hi Shane, got the book. Huge thanks. Looks great!

Hi Sean,
Yes, not sure if Jens addresses that point to be honest. I would think he would dismiss it as a false antithesis anyway, but I wouldn't want to speak for him. I wanted to interview him here at some stage, so perhaps the question can be raised in the comments.


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