Friday, April 25, 2008

Quote of the day

From the fact that a human being is a member of the Church, he becomes an "image of God", he exists as God Himself exists, he takes on God's "way of being". This way of being ... is a way of relationship with the world, with other people and with God, an event of communion , and that is why it cannot be realized as the achievement of an individual, but only as an ecclesial fact



At 4/25/2008 7:20 PM, Anonymous One of Freedom said...

So what does he say about those who are not part of the Church? Do they not also reflect an "image of God"? Where would that place this theology of communion?

At 4/25/2008 10:39 PM, Anonymous Angie Van De Merwe said...

Even though we are social beings and are educated within social contexts, we must affirm the individual as separate from the whole, otherwise, we have dysfuntion. The dysfunction of identification with a group is ethnocentric...whereas, learning who you are and what you are committed to is what will bring about the highest form of image-bearing within man...The moral structures of family, society, and church help to form the child, but reason is to be developed when the child grows toward maturity. No longer are things seen in black and white terms, but are seen in contexts of individuality. And the "revelation" that was so important in childhood readjusts in importance and/or is redefined.

The individual is made in God's image, not moral structures alone. Adults should manifest maturity (wisdom) in how to address the moral issues..which is ethics and politics. Moral structures should represent "god" to the child, but are not God Himself...

At 4/26/2008 12:26 AM, Anonymous Jim said...

That's rubbish. No one exists as God himself exists. Bloody heretic.

At 4/26/2008 2:52 AM, Anonymous Phil Harland said...

Sounds a bit like Meister Eckhart to my ears.

Whether or not we should castigate such expressions of closeness to God as "bloody heretical" as another commentator does I am not so sure. On the other hand, we could return to the days of Catholic inquisitions or, say, Zwinglian drownings. If we enjoy such things, that is.

Phil H.

At 4/26/2008 6:07 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

I don't know if you've seen the film "Into the Wild", but it sends a similar message. But it's not till the end that you as the viewer and the main character realize this.

At 4/27/2008 2:01 AM, Anonymous Jim said...

Phil sounds nervous. Don't worry Phil we don't drown schismatic heretics any more.


At 4/27/2008 10:25 AM, Anonymous Rev Tony B said...

No, Jim. I thought you just baptised them really slowly, to make sure it worked?

At 4/28/2008 8:34 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Hi Frank, I was thinking your question when I hit the publish button!

Thanks Angie,
I think his distinction between individual and person is not, I hope, meant to deny individuality - I need to read more of his work.

Jim, a great point - I should add the disclaimer that I don't have to agree with quote of the day - it is meant to stimulate thought.

Phil, and Rev. Tony I'm grinning!

Alex, no, I have not see the movie. Worth watching? Enough action? Blood? Mindless violence?


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