Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quote of the day: Paul's Faith

I've recently been working through Hendrikus Boers' interesting new work, Christ in the Letter of Paul: In Place of a Christology. Boers presents us with a beautiful example of exegetical insight and depth, and given the nature of my own claims in my research on Pauline Christology, I find myself very sympathetic to some of his methodological choices. Anyway, to the quote of the day:

'Faith for [Paul] had nothing to do with the distinction between fides quae creditur and fides qua creditur. Faith for him meant being grasped by the reality of Christ, the reality of his death on the cross, his resurrection and anticipation of his parousia. To put it differently, faith had no object for him, fides quae creditur, but meant being engaged by the reality of Christ' (56).

Wonderful! "Faith had no object for him"! Certainly one to ponder.

fides quae creditur means = 'the faith which is believed' = the content of 'the faith'
fides qua creditur means = 'the faith by which it is believed' = the personal faith which apprehends


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