Monday, March 05, 2007

We have a winner!

A certain Michael was the first to guess correctly. Well done! The video clip in the previous post was of none other than Cambridge University’s Prof. William Horbury. I recorded this clip at the Tübingen Uni celebration of Martin Hengel’s 80th birthday.

I said I was being a bit sneaky; the language he spoke in was not his native English tongue but rather German. Indeed, Prof. Horbury was bold enough to deliver his entire address in German - and he did a decent job too.

Prof. Horbury is a very highly respected scholar with an enviable breadth and depth of knowledge. His works are undeniably of the highest quality, even if I disagree with some of it (I have had a fair bit of engagement with his work on early Christian Christology with which I take issue).

Do give him a read, for example his Jewish Messianism and the Cult of Christ and his recent Herodian Judaism & New Testament Study.



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