Monday, March 19, 2007


It’s been a busy few days. Friday and Saturday involved participation in a German Evangelical theological conference (the Arbeitskreis fuer evangelikale Theologie - AfeT). Among other things I met Phil, an Englishman and reader of Chrisendom, whose humour appears to be as inappropriate as mine. Which equals great fun!

This week I’m in England for the London School of Theology NT conference (which also means that I’m unhappily logging on with a dial up. All 56k dial ups will certainly be ‘Left Behind’ when the days of Tribulation finally come. By faith I have already ordered an especially toasty corner of Hell to be dedicated to them and their inventors)

In London I shall be presenting a paper on 2 Cor 5:21 and leading a discussion on Richard Bauckham’s book, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses which I’m really looking forward to.

Once again you may want to pray with me:

‘Oh Lord. Smite Chris’ critics with delayed trains, soggy lettuce for lunch, lost socks, tea that’s too milky, ugly nose pimples and other such inconveniences. And we invoke copious blessings on all who pretend he has everything right. May the fruit of their loins inherit the land. And help Chris to also succeed in feigning that he knows more than he does, and to pull the wool over their eyes as to the state of his knowledge of NT Greek etc. Amen’. (from the CTRVHM liturgical calander prayers)



At 3/19/2007 7:32 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

Nicely put. Now, who's head is attached to the top of the LST sign? Is that some sort of punishment? Has said person been swimming (and thus requires a swimming cap?)

At 3/20/2007 4:44 PM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Yes, it is a form of punishment. The sign is apporx 3 metres long, and so they stretch the victims such that their head and feet are separated by the 3 meters. They do this for students caught smoking, holiding hands with the opposite sex, and for those entertaining false doctrine.

Which is fair enough.


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