Monday, January 15, 2007

West on Fitzmyer's forthcoming

I totally forgot to mention this last week, but our friend Jim West finished his superb series on Joseph Fitzmyer’s forthcoming book, The One Who Is To Come.

Here is the final post which collects together all of his posts.

One wonders if Fitzmyer is being fair in the scope of what he considers ‘messianic’, and the names J.C. O’Neill and W. Horbury spring to mind. I’m also curious to read more of the chapter ‘The Septuagint’s Interpretation of Some Old Testament Passages’ given certain methodological issues such as the problems of knowing the original Hebrew, and the simple stating of the ‘LXX’ (I say this as my attention has recently been drawn to the work of M. Peters of Duke University – thanks David!). But further judgment shall have to await the publication of the work.


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