Tuesday, October 17, 2006

‘An agnostic is an atheist without balls’

Bart Ehrman is grilled by Colbert!


At 10/17/2006 1:50 PM, Anonymous Shane Clifton said...

Here is a challenge for us as teachers and scholars. We carry a certain mystique and authority by dint of a PhD that means that our opinion carries weight. Of course, we know that a PhD has merely helped us to realise how much we don’t know. But we don’t tell this to others – and are thereafter capable of making bold claims with little substantiation.

Of course we do have a responsibility to challenge simplistic conceptions of Christian faith. But I think we are in danger when we start to discourage faith itself. I must therefore confess that i found this video quite sad

At 10/17/2006 3:38 PM, Anonymous Brian Hamilton said...

Colbert and Stewart are better theologians than Ehrman! Funny how nearly Colbert echoed some contemporary critiques of the assumptions behind historical-critical scholarship, eh? Great clip.

At 10/17/2006 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My apologies for not having the most noble sense of humour, but the Colbert interview was simply brilliant as well as, I dare say, edifying!

At 10/17/2006 5:41 PM, Anonymous Joshua Ballard said...

Colbert: Did you ever believe in God?

Ehrman: Yes...I had balls then.


At 10/17/2006 6:06 PM, Anonymous David Wilkerson said...

Believe it or not, Colbert is Catholic, goes to church every week and even teaches Sunday School regularly. I bet he enjoyed this only half tongue-in-cheek grilling of Ehrman.

At 10/18/2006 1:08 AM, Anonymous Chris Tilling said...

Colbert is Catholic?! I wouldn't have guessed that, David, though I'm glad to hear it. I can't watch this clip the same way anymore!

At 10/29/2006 5:00 AM, Anonymous Chris TerryNelson said...

And one cannot help but wonder if Colbert has perhaps had an incredible effect on Stewart's understanding of scripture, given Stewart's comment about the divinity in our reading of the differentiated biblical text.

Unfortunately, Ehrman just called that conclusion "interesting" and talked about how liberating it was to read the bible in this new "illumination."


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